Memory Foam Topper

R 2,880.00

Memory Foam Topper
“Remarkable Pressure Point Relief & Support”

For sleeping partners who are of a different weight range, the perfect solution lies in one of our Latex or Memory Foam Toppers.  Our Mattress Toppers provide extra cushioning, luxurious comfort and additional pressure relief to hips and shoulders.

Our Mattress Toppers are excellent to enhance support of an under-lying mattress or even to use on its own.

Our ‘Memory Foam Topper’ comes in a premium Natural Aloe Vera fabric.

Benefits Of Our Memory Foam Topper

Made with NASA developed space technology, our High Performance ‘Memory Foam Topper’ conforms to your body with a very unique feel offering Remarkable Pressure Relief, Blood Circulation, Comfort & Body Support.

Pleasant & Natural Aloe Vera Fabric

With its thick broad leaves that contains a gel – like sap, the Aloe plant is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects, immune restoration, anti-ageing cell restoration and growth, and moisturizing and accelerated regeneration of damaged skin. Alongside all its health benefits, Aloe Vera is extremely pleasant to sleep on and soft on the skin.

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