Is there a delivery charge?
Yes.  We offer a standard minimal delivery charge of only R400 to Cape Peninsula area, Western Cape regardless of how many items you order (please note we do not ship Pillows or Mattress Protectors separately - they can only be purchased with a Mattress, Bedset or Topper).

We use professional transporters who are outsourced and who charge extra for less travelled routes. 
Where we can we will absorb the extra cost.

What is the right technology for my body?
All technologies on offer on Natural Beds Direct have strong and unique benefits to the consumer and are of the highest quality. Every offering in our range is designed to cover every 'Feel' and desired 'Benefit' in the Mattress industry...at below retail prices!

100% Natural Latex offers a unique and luxurious feel and is also the most durable of all our technologies and carries no weight restrictions. If you are looking for the strongest and purest natural mattress products available, our 100% Natural Latex is the answer. 

If ultimate Durability (but high Durability) is not necessary and if a highly Natural (but not exclusively Natural product) is an option, our Memory Foam range is a must. Our high-performance Memory Foam offers remarkable pressure point relief and circulation and is as healthy for your posture and overall sleep as Natural Latex. With technology developed from NASA, our Memory Plush offers a very comfortable and Medium-Firm unique feel.

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, our Memory Foam and Pocket Spring combinations offer Luxurious yet Supportive sleeping and feel more like a 'normal' mattress when compared to our Memory Foam and Latex mattresses. With a very soft and luxurious feel our Jasmine Pocket has been a winner for many years! 

What is the right feel?
Feel is a subjective thing but the rule of thumb is unless you want real Firm or real Soft, go with Medium-Firm. 
Medium-Firm beds are the majority in the market and usually cover most people from 70kg to 100kg. 

Is Latex better than Memory Foam?
100% Natural latex is the most durable, purest and most natural product in the market but in terms of pressure point relief and circulation Memory Foam is an equal performer to Natural Latex. 

If you are lighter and like a slightly softer feel Memory Foam can be better for you. If you are heavier and like a slightly firmer but more luxurious feel Natural Latex may be better for you. In the end our Natural Latex and Memory Foam mattresses are high-performance products that deliver important benefits to you daily!

What are the best mattresses for allergies?
100% Natural Latex mattresses are the best for allergies. Only 100% Natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic and dust-mite resistant. With our Organic Cotton fabric you will sleep in an allergy free environment every night!

My partner is heavy, what are my options?
If your partner is much heavier than you and buying a mattress is difficult because you can't agree on the 'feel' the solution is simple!

Either you buy a 'Mattress Topper' to accompany your mattress to add extra comfort to the lighter partner OR you purchase a mattress that only conforms to the body weight placed on it...100% Natural Latex or Memory Foam is the answer depending on the weight!

How long is Delivery time?
Delivery time is between 3 - 5 working days depending on where you reside. Upon order a follow-up email will be placed to you to keep you updated on your delivery. 

Is there a Return or Exchange policy?
We don't return or exchange any products unless a Manufacturer defect is found with the product you ordered. 

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase and there are no manufacturer defects, we are happy to work with you to optimize your purchase. We do have cost-effective solutions to optimize your purchase and make it 'risk-free'.

How do I care for my new mattress or bedset?
All our mattresses come with a Guarantee Program and detailed Care Instructions!

Do Toppers improve my current mattress?
Yes they do improve your current mattress in the short term but are not a substitute for a new high quality mattress. Optimally, mattress protectors should be bought for new or relatively new mattresses. Our Mattress Toppers are brilliant but are only as effective as the mattress underneath it!

Is your Natural Latex 100% Natural?
Our Latex is 100% Natural and is the real deal. Imported from Malaysia and Europe our 100% Natural Latex allows us to offer a range of exclusive and luxurious feels.

Feel free to Contact Us if you need any advice on the right mattress for you or if you have any other queries.