Executive Orthopaedic

R 3,276.00

Orthopaedic Sleep System
“Healthy Support & Comfort”

Healthy Support

With 64 Density Reconstructed foam + 30 Density foam and a Bonnell Spring System, our ‘Executive Orthopaedic’ has been designed to offer you an affordable, healthy and comfortable sleep for those having to deal with sore backs, necks and hips.

Durable Spring System

Our Durable Bonnell Spring System adds to the performance of your orthopaedic bed daily offering a level of Durability and the right ‘feel’ allowing you to enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep for years to come.

The ‘Executive Orthopaedic’ offers you a comfortable ‘Medium-Firm’ feel and can handle up to 120kg per person.

Argentum+® mattress fabrics combine a highly effective moisture management technology

The antimicrobial, silver based finish: SILVERPLUS® causes the removal of bacteria and fungi, prevents them from colonising on textile surfaces and thus provides hygiene and freshness.

The silver technology is enhanced by the incorporation of a moisture management
component, based on the latest Cool-Down technology.

Our Executive Orthopaedic offers you peace of mind with a 2 Year Guarantee and 20 Year Service Warranty.

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