Memory Foam ‘Contour’ Pillow

R 468.50

Memory Foam ‘Contour’ Pillow
“Pressure Point Relief & Specialized Support”

Memory foam is a unique heat and pressure sensitive foam that comfortably yet accurately moulds to the shape and profile of your head and neck, providing a balance between correct support and unbelievable comfort.

Our ‘Memory Foam Contour Pillow’ is Thermo-Sensitive and uses your body’s natural heat to activate the aligning and supporting processes. 

Our ‘Memory Foam Contour Pillow’ is individually moulded from high density Visco-Elastic memory foam and offers ergonomic support while moulding perfectly to your body shape.  More specifically our ‘Memory Foam Classic Pillow’:

  • Moulds in accordance with your neck or shoulders (depending on the position you sleep in) ailing any pains in the head and neck area and giving proper support.
  • Absorbs pressure and gives relief to the pressure points in body.
  • Offers a deeper sleep as a result of improved sleeping comfort.
  • Recommended by Chiropractors and other health professionals
  • Is convenient, simply roll it up and store it away with your luggage when you travel.
  • Comes in a convenient  carry bag
  • Is Non-Toxic, Hygienic, Anti-Static, Hypo-Allergenic, Dust-Mite resistant & Anti-Bacterial.
  • Comes in a removable cover treated with Aloe Vera and is washable.

**Please note all our pillows are sold at a reduced price and are not sold separately.  Pillows in any quantity can be ordered with the purchase of any Mattress, bedset or Topper.

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