Heavy Duty De luxe

R 3,766.00

Heavy Duty Sleep System
“Durable Comfort & Support”

Durable Comfort

With 80 Density Reconstructed Foam as a Base Layer and 36 Density Foam as a Comfort Layer and a Special high count Bonnell Spring System, our ‘Heavy duty Deluxe’ offers you a highly durable and comfortable sleep with resilient material that easily handles weight of up to 150kg per person

Durable Spring System

Our Highly Durable and High Count Bonnell Spring System on this model is made with a thicker gauge wire,thus stronger,offering the ultimate support for the heavier person,adding to the performance of your bed daily and offering a level of Durability allowing you to enjoy your bed for years to come.

The ‘Heavy Duty Deluxe’ offers you a comfortable ‘Medium-Firm’ feel.

Fresh & Natural Sleep

Pleasant & Natural Aloe Vera Fabric

With its thick broad leaves that contains a gel – like sap, the Aloe plant is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects, immune restoration, anti-ageing cell restoration and growth, and moisturizing and accelerated regeneration of damaged skin. Alongside all its health benefits, Aloe Vera is extremely pleasant to sleep on and soft on the skin.  Our all natural Aloe Vera fabric offers you a fresh and natural sleep.

Our Heavy duty Deluxe offers you peace of mind with a 2 Year Guarantee and 20 Year Service Warranty.

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